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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

a) I would like to start my application with Alter Domus, what is the next step?
  1. Email Alter Domus in writing to confirm your intention to engage our services.

  2. Give us your passport and resume/Curriculum Vitae showing your previous work and education background.

  3. We will get the necessary financial documents from you to confirm your eligibility. From there we will give our recommendations on whether MM2H is suitable for you.

b) How long does it take to get approval?

Standard processing time is usually 90-working days or about 4 – 5 months. Previously, MM2H processing time has been very erratic and can be delayed by up to 10 – 12 months, or even longer. You must be prepared for unconditional waiting when it comes to processing time. We are not responsible for the delay that happens at the government office.

c) Can I stay in Malaysia on a tourist visa while waiting for MM2H approval?

You can only stay according to the dates given in your passport – not more than 30 days or 90 days per entry, depending on which nationality. Extensions on tourist visa are very difficult to get and the authorities prefer that you stay outside of Malaysia while waiting for the MM2H approval.

*This may change if we ask MOTAC to allow applicants to stay here*

d) Can I change my citizenship halfway/after getting the MM2H?

You can, but you must apply to MM2H and provide evidence that you have surrendered the original citizenship that is under the MM2H. The process can be quite long, and many official documents must be submitted, so try not to change unless if necessary. Alternatively, you can change your citizenship first and then apply for MM2H after the citizen change is successful.

e) How many years is the MM2H approved for?

The MM2H is approved for 5 years, and you can do the renewal every 5 years.

*This may change *

f) Is the renewal process complicated?

So far, renewal has been straightforward. There are many MM2H participants who have been renewing for the past 20 years with no issues. Do make sure that your MM2H does not lapse.  Until today, all the requirements are grandfathered.

g) Taxation

You are not given a tax number and you don’t pay Malaysian taxes. If you need a certificate of tax residency, yes you can get it, but you need to fulfill conditions to get it. Contact us for more information.

h) Cars & Houses

You don’t have to buy a car or a house to get the MM2H visa. You can rent or stay in a hotel. The Malaysian government does not impose any conditions on purchasing/renting.

i) Fixed Deposit

The MM2H fixed deposit must be in a bank of your choice in Malaysia. They must only be in Malaysian Ringgit, and they are interest bearing. Interest is not taxed in Malaysia. It must only be in fixed deposit and not any other financial instruments. You can have a separate account with another for your personal or daily use. Bank policies may change. Please check with the banks first.

j) Medical Insurance

Health/Medical insurance is required. Those above 60 are exempted and you are expected to self-pay for your medical expenses.

k) Process & Timing

Alter Domus cannot control the processing time and outcome of the application. What we have is the experience to know what documents are required and how to best present them to the MM2H Centre.

General Information

a) How do I prepare the Resume/CV? Can you give me some samples?

A simple resume that lists out your previous work experience and academic background is good enough. Try to go as far back as you can remember. You can add in one or two sentences to describe the job function after each of the positions.

b) Can Alter Domus help me prepare the monthly income?

You must prepare the monthly income yourself; we cannot do this for you as everything our company does is above-board and according to rules. All documents provided by the applicant must be authentic and genuine.

We shall only advise and share information on what types of monthly income are acceptable by MM2H.

c) How do I get the Letter of No Criminal Record?

The process may be slightly different depending on which country you get it from. Some are easy to get – you just walk-in to the police station near you or apply online. Some are more difficult and take longer, such as from Hong Kong. Let us know where you are applying from, and we will advise accordingly.

Your record must be totally clean. Even if you have past minor offences like unsettled speeding or parking summons, you must inform us. This may affect your application.

d) I own a property in Malaysia which is fully paid off. Can I place a lower MM2H fixed deposit amount?

Property is not considered for the MM2H application, you will still need to place the full fixed deposit amount upon approval.

After MM2H Approval

a) How much time do I have to get the MM2H after approval?

The approval letter states that one must come and collect the MM2H visa in person in Malaysia within six (6) months. There is no deadline for you to move permanently to Malaysia, as long as you fulfill the minimum number of days and do not let the visa lapse.

b) Can I change banks after I have placed my MM2H fixed deposit?

You are not allowed to change banks for the fixed deposit which is locked.

c) Under what conditions can I withdraw my MM2H fixed deposit?

You are allowed to withdraw a portion of the fixed deposit after a minimum of one year. The following items are eligible for fixed deposit withdrawal:

  • Property which is purchased you obtain the MM2H visa.

  • Medical expenses

  • Children’s education (school fees)

d) What will happen if I cannot fulfill the minimum stay conditions?

The MM2H committee reserves the right to reject your renewal application, at their discretion.


a) Your office is in Penang, but I prefer to stay in KL. Can you still assist?

Most of our communication will be by email/phone/WhatsApp, so it is no problem. We have clients from all over Malaysia – from north (Langkawi) to south (Johor Bahru). When hardcopies or original documents are required, they can be sent by courier service.

We have a representative in KL and Johor Bahru so if there is a need to meet up for any reason, it can be arranged.

b) Can I own a business/work under MM2H?

You can own a business, but you should not actively work for the business or be on the payroll. You can be an advisor or consultant and just share business dividends. You can work part-time up to 20 hours a week, but only for certain approved industries and permission must be obtained from Immigration.

c) What are the benefits offered under MM2H?

Stay long-term in Malaysia, instead of just 30 days or 90 days on the tourist visa.

Open bank accounts in Malaysia. Without any visa, banks in Malaysia will not open accounts for foreigners.

Buy Malaysian health insurance. Malaysian insurance is affordable with good coverage compared to many other places.

Partial withdrawal of fixed deposit. If you purchase a property after obtaining the MM2H, you can withdraw up to 50% of your fixed deposit, after the first year. It can also be taken out to offset children’s school fees.

d) We have a de-facto or common-law marriage and no official documents, can we apply under one application?

If you do not have a marriage certificate, you must apply as two single applications.

e) I am ex-Malaysian/married to a Malaysian/previously had MM2H but cancelled, will that affect my MM2H application?

It makes no difference, you just apply as a new applicant.

f) If I pass away first, can my spouse continue to get the MM2H?

Once the main applicant passes away, the MM2H for all dependents are automatically terminated. If the spouse wants to continue staying in Malaysia, he/she must re-apply as a new applicant.

g) Can we check the status/progress of the application after it is submitted?

There is no way to check online for the stage-by-stage progress for applications. Once submitted, you can only wait until the approval letter is received.

h) Can I get a Malaysian driver’s license/purchase car/rent a house?

You can get all these after you have MM2H, to ease your everyday life in Malaysia. Property purchase is not mandatory, and you can choose to rent instead of buy. However, rental cannot be used towards the withdrawal of MM2H deposit.

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