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Frequently Asked Questions

About MM2H

What is Malaysia My Second Home or MM2H visa?
  • MM2H is a long-term visa that allows the applicant and his/her family to stay in Malaysia.
    The visa is given in a five-year block, and it is renewable.

  • Spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law can be added in as dependents.
    The duration of their visa shall be as long as the main applicant.

  • Children must be less than 34 years and unmarried.

  • You cannot bring in your siblings, your niece or nephews or your grandchildren or grandparents.

  • If you are a single parent, we need legal and official custody documents.

  • If your child is adopted, official adoption papers are required.

  • MM2H visa is not a resident visa, employment visa or permanent residence.

What are the benefits offered under MM2H?
  • Stay long-term in Malaysia, instead of just 30 days or 90 days on the tourist visa.

  • Open bank accounts in Malaysia. Without any visa, banks in Malaysia will not open accounts for foreigners.

  • Buy Malaysian health insurance. Malaysian insurance is affordable with good coverage compared to many other places.

  • Partial withdrawal of fixed deposit. For the 3-tier MM2H and MM2H inn SEZ (JB), if you purchase a property after obtaining the MM2H, you can withdraw up to 50% of your fixed deposit, after the first year.

Do I need to report to the authorities where I stay?

The Malaysian government does not track where MM2H participants stay. They do not require MM2H participants to report their residence. MM2H participants can enter/leave the country anytime and without restrictions.
Note for Europeans: We do not have a system where you register yourself with the town hall to get a “residence”. The only way you can prove your address is utility bills.

Why do I need an agent to apply, why can’t I just do it myself?

It was found that a big portion of the fraud, especially fake documents are committed by direct applicants or those who did it on their own. The Malaysian government could not track them as there were no local sponsors responsible for his/her application. Fake documents make it much harder for the real applicants as they must do extra certifications. Fake applicants are not positive for Malaysia. MM2H agents are licensed, and the recent cleanup ensures that only legitimate ones are allowed to operate.

Can I add in dependents like spouse, children, parents, or parents-in-law later? Is it easy to add in dependents?

Yes, you can but there will be additional charges for doing the “inclusion of dependents”. Certified marriage certificates, birth certificates or/and legal adoption papers are required.

Can I bring in my maid?

Yes, you can but it is only applicable for those who apply as husband/wife. It is not open to “single” applicants. Must be less than 45 years old and female only. No exceptions. Please check with us first.

Can I change the level (Silver, Gold, or Platinum)?

Yes, you can change it before the approval letter is issued. Once it is issued, you must cancel the application and reapply as a fresh applicant. An additional service fee will be charged to cover our administrative work.

How to go about in the medical insurance?

Anyone below the age of 60 requires a local medical insurance. We will get a cheap one for you so that you can fulfil the requirements of MM2H with additional charges depending on your occupation, age, height and weight. If you wish to purchase good medical insurance, let us know and we will provide you with contacts for good insurance agents.​

Can I stay in Malaysia on a tourist visa while waiting for MM2H approval?

You can only stay according to the dates given in your passport – not more than 30 days or 90 days per entry, depending on which nationality.
Extensions on tourist visa are very difficult to get and the authorities prefer that you stay outside of Malaysia while waiting for the MM2H approval.
*This may change if we ask MOTAC to allow applicants to stay here*

Can I change my citizenship after getting the MM2H?

You can, but you must apply to MM2H and provide evidence that you have surrendered the original citizenship that is under the MM2H. The process can be quite long and many official documents must be submitted, so try not to change unless if really necessary. Alternatively, you can change your citizenship first and then apply for MM2H after the citizen change is successful.

How many years is the MM2H approved for?

There are 3 categories of new MM2H:

  • Platinum: 20 years, renewable for 5 years.

  • Gold: 15 years, renewable for 5 years.

  • Silver: 5 years, renewable for 5 years.

  • MM2H in SEZ (JB): 10 years, renewable for 5 years.

Is it easy to renew and are the requirements grandfathered?

So far, renewal has been straightforward. There are many MM2H participants who have been renewing for the past 20 years with no issues as long as the MM2H has not lapsed or expired. Until today, all the requirements are grandfathered for all the existing MM2H holders.

Schooling for children:

Public schools are not open for foreigners. You can, however, enrol your children in private schools.
A separate student visa (under the MM2H umbrella) must be obtained for the children to study in the school.
We will guide you on how to get that student visa.

Are the fees refunded if I pull out or cancel my MM2H?

Our professional is not refundable if you decide to stop after we have submitted the application.RM1,000 will be refunded if you decide not to go ahead and we have not submitted your application.Once your MM2H has been approved, the visa fees are not refunded even if you cancel the visa earlier than the expiration date. The security bond will be refunded but it may take a long time to get the money back.

Privacy concerns:

We have been in this business for close to 20 years and we hold the license number MM2H/0001. We do not sell or share information to third parties, and we treat privacy seriously. We are registered with the Malaysian government on PDPA (Privacy and Data Protection Act).


As of 2024, you are not given a tax number and you don’t pay Malaysian taxes. If you need a certificate of tax residency, yes you can get it, but you need to fulfil conditions to get it. Contact us for more information.

Cars and Houses:

You don’t have to buy a car and you can rent or even stay with friends or relatives while applying for MM2H visa. However, the new 3-tier MM2H and MM2H in SEZ (JB) participants are required to purchase any properties  in Malaysia after the approval of their MM2H visa:

  • Platinum: Properties valued of RM2million and above.

  • Gold: Properties valued of RM1million and above.

  • Silver: Properties valued of RM600,000 and above.

  • MM2H in SEZ (JB): Price are determined by the State Authority & may required approval from State Authority - Must be purchased from developers and not via agents or homeowners.

However, this does not apply to the existing MM2H holders under the old conditions - Existing MM2H holders under the old condition do not need to buy a car or house.

Process & Timing:

Alter Domus cannot control the processing time and outcome of the application. What we have is the experience to know what documents are required and how to best present them to the MM2H Centre.

What will happen if I cannot fulfil the minimum stay conditions?

The MM2H committee reserves the right to reject your renewal application, at their discretion.

Work & The MM2H:

For the existing MM2H holder along with the Silver, Gold, and MM2H in SEZ (JB) holders, cannot work for a Malaysian company and in Malayisa. However, you can continue to work remotely if the company you work for is operating outside of Malaysia (meaning not a Malaysian business entity). You can set up a business but you should not actively work for the business or be on the payroll. You can be an advisor or consultant and share business dividends. You have to take Employment Pass instead, if you wish to work full-time in Malaysia.
However, this does not apply for Platinum holders who are allowed to engage in any business, investment activities and employment in Malaysia.

If I pass away first, can my spouse continue to get the MM2H?

Once the main applicant passes away, the 3-tier MM2H and MM2H in SEZ (JB) participants are allowed to do transfer of principal of the mail applicant to their next-of-kin who is a dependent under their MM2H application.

However, the existing MM2H holders applied under the old conditions not be able to do so - All dependents are automatically terminated. If the spouse wants to continue staying in Malaysia, he / she must re-apply as a new applicant under the 3-tier MM2H or MM2H in SEZ (JB) conditions and requirements.

If I decided to leave Malaysia after a number of years, will the deposit be refunded?

Your deposit can only be refunded after you officially cancelled/terminated your MM2H visa. You get back 100% of the principle amount as well as any interest earned.

If I die in Malaysia, will my spouse / children be able to collect the deposit from abroad (out of Malaysia)? The reason I ask this is that someone told me they would have to come to Malaysia to claim it.

You have to make a Will for your assets in Malaysia including this MM2H deposit. The lawyer documents and probate can be done from abroad, but once this is completed, your spouse/children must come to Malaysia to collect the money because the bank has to see them in person to get them sign the bank documents before they can release the money to them.

Will I be excluded from Tourist Tax (such as hotel tourist tax for holidays in Malaysia) if I am an MM2H holder?

No, only Malaysia citizens holding MyKad and Malaysian Permanent Residents (PR) are exempted from Tourist Tax because MM2H visa is not a permanent residents permit.

Can I open bank accounts with banks that I don’t have MM2H deposits with?

Yes, you can have a separate account with another bank for your personal or daily use but subject to the terms and conditions of the banks that you wish to open as a second account. Bank policies may change. Please check with the banks first.

Can I transfer money in and out of Malaysia easily?

Yes, but applicable anti-money laundering law applies. Please check with the banks if you wish to do large transfers.

What other facilities do the banks offer?
  • Unlike many countries, credit cards are hard to get here. The banks here usually want a deposit as a guarantee and the credit card limit is the sum that is deposited as a guarantee.

  • You can talk to the bank on car hire purchase, mortgages, etc.

  • Banks in Malaysia are rather strict in protecting customer privacy. For further enquiries, please contact the banks.


What types of healthcare are available in Malaysia?
  • Public and private healthcare are available to foreigners although practically all the MM2H participants will choose private healthcare. Private healthcare gives a far superior customer service and patient experience than the public healthcare. Public healthcare on the other hand is far cheaper but some restrictions may apply as public healthcare is more geared towards the needs of Malaysians.

  • If you are found unconscious and need medical attention, you will be sent to the general hospital (public hospital) for treatment regardless of your ability to pay.

What types of medical insurance are available in Malaysia?
  • There is no public health insurance in Malaysia. Only private ones. As the premiums are not expensive, many Malaysians and foreigners can afford them.

  • Foreigners require a long-term visa like MM2H or employment to purchase medical insurance. Tourists are not allowed to purchase medical insurance.

  • Contact us if you need a list of agents to assist you in purchasing comprehensive insurance. We can assist you in buying cheap insurance that you may need for MM2H with additional charges applied. Medical insurance is compulsory for getting the MM2H visa on your passports.

Driving Licence, Shipment of Household Effects, etc.

Can I get a Malaysian driving licence and how do I get it?

Yes, you can get a Malaysian driving license through licence conversion, and you don’t have to give up your existing foreign driving license. Singapore driving licence can be used in Malaysia. However, you need to get documents from your home country, thus you need to alert us if you want to do licence conversion. We will advise you how to go about. You can only do the conversion after you have obtained the MM2H visa. Not all countries’ driving licence are convertible, so please check with us first.​

Can I ship my household effects over?

Used household effects can be shipped in tax-free. Please liaise with us if you wish to ship them in as you have two options:

  • (Option 1) Use door to door.

  • (Option 2) We can help you with the Penang sector.​

Can I bring in my car?

Yes, but very difficult. We don’t recommend that unless you want to pay the hefty taxes and the hassle of going through many strict procedures to get a car in.


Do I need to buy or rent under MM2H?

Yes, you are required to buy properties in Malaysia after your 3-tier MM2H or MM2H in SEZ (JB) visa has been approved. However, this condition is not applied to the existing MM2H holders who applied under the old conditions and regulations of MM2H.

What should I do if I want to buy properties?

Land is under state jurisdiction. We suggest that you get a local solicitor to help you with the purchase.
Before putting in the deposit for the property, please ask the local solicitor to check with the local rules and regulations pertaining to the property purchase by MM2H holders. Do not get a solicitor that is practicing out of the state as he/she may not be well verse with the local council regulations.
However, MM2H in SEZ (JB) holders must buy their properties from developers and not from agents or homeowners - Prices are subject to State Authority and may need to get an approval from State Authority before any purchase is made.

Can I buy land or commercial properties?

Yes, you can but subject to state laws. Please get the local solicitor to check out before you put in any deposit. “Residential properties with commercial titles” are acceptable for “partial withdrawal of MM2H fixed deposit”. Land, shop lots or offices are not acceptable. The main applicant’s name must be in the title to do partial MM2H fixed deposit withdrawals. Trusts, companies owned by the main applicant do not count.

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