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About Alter Domus


We are the first licensed sponsor for MM2H with the license number MM2H/0001. We have been helping foreigners with MM2H since 2004 and we have a wealth of experience in helping people get the visa. We get things done effectively, efficiently, and legally. We do not do anything illegal, and we will not entertain any potential clients or clients asking us to skirt around the requirements or law.

Alter Domus 70A License - Mar 24 to Dec 25.jpg

This is the old newspaper cutting showing Roselind Moey receiving a mock license from the Ministry of Tourism in 2006. We are proud to hold the first license and our business is growing stronger every year.

We are detail-oriented and will go all out to help our clients. Our clients’ testimony can be read here at our Google Reviews. Please sort by date (newest first) and relevance to read our reviews.

This image shows the breakdown of our clients by nationality.

Roselind Moey is the operations director, Ch’ng Toh Ghee (TG) is the managing director and Moey Kok Hee is the director/advisor for Immigration matters. Janet, Alice, Nicky, Jess, Helen, Choy Kin, David, Orson, Kelven, JP Lim, and Mano work as a team to support and assist our clients in getting the visa and ensuring their stay in Malaysia is free of any unnecessary hassle.

Read our "5-star reviews" on Google.

We focus only on MM2H. We are not distracted by doing real estate, travel, insurance, or other services.
To learn more of our services, please visit this our "
Services" page here:

Why should I choose Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. instead of its competitors?
  • Operating as Alter Domus Management and Services (company name) in 2005 before MM2H was formalized in 2006.

  • Obtained the first official MM2H license MM2H/0001 in 2006 and we have grown leaps and bounds since then.

  • The most experienced MM2H sponsor with a wealth of experience on handling unique and difficult cases.

  • Embassy and high commissions refer their citizens who has difficult in MM2H visa to us for assistance.

  • Our clients are staying across Malaysia even though our head office is in Georgetown Penang.

  • Extremely prompt response to questions or inquiries, be it from new clients or existing clients.

  • We have shifted to a 3-storrey building with plenty of space to meet up and help you with your visa and relocation needs.

  • Advice in all subject matters is free for life.

What are the services offered by Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd.?
  • New MM2H application.

  • Existing clients:

    • Renewals.

    • Cancellation/Termination.

    • Transfer and extend the visa on new passports.

    • Inclusion of spouse, children, parents, and parents-in-law.

    • Student visas (under MM2H umbrella.

  • Maid visa renewal under MM2H.

  • Getting tax certificates for clients.

  • Driving license conversion.

  • Shipment of household effects.

  • Home management (taking care of your home, not rental management).

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