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Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H)

Introducing Sarawak MM2H Programme
(also known as S-MM2H)


Applicants aged 50 and above:
  • Show minimum income of RM7,000 a month (single) or RM10,000 a month (couple).


    Retirees can show latest 6 months of Savings Account with minimum of RM50,000 (single) or RM100,000 (couple) in equivalent currency.

  • MUST place a Fixed Deposit (FD) in Sarawak, RM150,000 (single) or RM300,000 (couple). The Fixed Deposit must be maintained for the entire duration of the S-MM2H visa.

  • Must stay minimum 30 days every year in Sarawak.

  • Police Certificate of no criminal record required for all applicants and dependents aged 18 and above.

  • Medical check-up for all applicants and dependents - must be done before submitting the application.

  • Medical/Health Insurance is required for those below aged 60 years old.

Applicants aged 40 - 49:

Same requirements as above with the additional requirements of:

  • Before submitting the application - Must invest in residential property in Sarawak with minimum value of RM600,000.

Applicants aged 30 - 39:

Same requirements as above with the additional requirements of:

  • Purchase a residential property in Sarawak (minimum value RM600,000).

    Have children below 18 years old studying in Sarawak.
    Applicants are under going long-term medical treatment in Sarawak.

Working in Malaysia

Not allowed - Only work remotely for a foreign entity.

Requirement for Fixed Deposit (FD) Withdrawal

Purchase property, education or medical expenses in Sarawak only.

**NOTE: Submission, endorsement, and renewal are be done at One-Stop MTCP (Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry & Performing Arts) in Sarawak only
- Applicants are required to be physcically present at MTCP.


What is Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H)?

S-MM2H is Malaysia My Second Home program in Sarawak that offers foreigners a chance to make Sarawak their second home, and it is a renewable social visit pass/visa programme similar to MM2H in Peninsula Malaysia.

What is the difference between S-MM2H with other MM2H programme?

S-MM2H offers an alternative for those seeking humble authenticity far from the tourist-trap clichés as  Sarawak’s population is multi-racial, multi-linguistic, multi-religious and multi-cultural, with thriving, colourful traditions. Being the largest state in Malaysia, it is also the most sparsely populated.

Who can apply for S-MM2H?

Any foreigners aged 50 years old and above who has good conduct from their home countries are eligible to apply. Applicants aged 30 - 49 may apply if there is evidence that they have child/children pursuing education or applicants are undergoing long term medical treatment in Sarawak or applicants had bought properties in Sarawak with minimum value of RM600,000.
There are several requirements and conditions have to be fulfilled by the applicants (such as financial prerequisites like a minimum monthly income or deposit amount in a bank in Sarawak).

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