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Sabah MM2H (SBH-MM2H)

Introducing Sabah MM2H Programme
(also known as SBH-MM2H)


Who can apply
  • Any individual from countries that have diplomatic relations with Malaysia.

  • MUST be physically in Sabah.

  • 30 years old and above.

  • Spouse (husband/wife).

  • Biological children/stepchildren/adopted children below 21 years old.

  • Parents and parents-in-law.

Property Purchase in Sabah
  • High rise property with minimum of RM600,000 and above purchase price.

  • Purchase of Property must abide by conditions stipulated in the Sabah State Government Circular (April 2022): Guideline for Purchase of Property by Foreigners in Sabah.
    (The property can be sell off after 5 years of purchase date on the condition of purchasing a new property no less than RM600,000).

Monthly Income from offshore (for latest 3 months)
  • Single: RM10,000 and above.

  • Couple/Family: RM15,000 and above.

Fixed Deposit (FD) - Any banks in Sabah
  • Single: RM150,000

  • Couple/Family: RM300,000

Minimum Stay (per year)
  • At least a cumulative stay of 30 days in Sabah within a year.

Malaysian Medical/Health Insurance
  • All applicants must be covered for the whole duration of SBH-MM2H pass in Sabah.

Certificate of Good Conduct
  • No criminal records for all applicants and dependents above age 18.

  • Obtain from the authority in the applicant's country of origin.

Medical Check-up
  • Only accept medical report within Malaysia.

  • Medical check must perform before endorsement (after approval).

Working in Malaysia
  • Not allowed - Only work remotely for a foreign entity.

Business Investor
  • Allowed.

Requirement for FD Withdrawal
  • Maximum up to 40% after 2 years of first endorsement.

  • Within Malaysia.

  • Purchase property, car deposit, education for children or medical expenses only.

MM2H Visa Duration
  • 10 years.

  • To be given for first 5 years, while remaining 5 years to be given after security and minimum stay check at the end of the first 5 years.

Extension of Application
  • MUST undergo security and minimum stay check that is subject to the Immigration Act.

Change of Principal
  • MUST undergo security and minimum stay check that is subject to the Immigration Act.

Change of Nationality
  • MUST undergo security and minimum stay check that is subject to the Immigration Act.

Application Processing Fee (Given to Government)
  • RM3,000 (non refundable)

Application Renewal Processing Fee (Given to Government)
  • RM1,500

**NOTE: Submission, endorsement, and renewal are be done at Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment in Sabah only.


What is Sabah MM2H (SBH-MM2H)?

SBH-MM2H is Malaysia My Second Home program in Sabah that offers foreigners a chance to make Sabah their second home, and it is a renewable social visit pass/visa programme just like the MM2H in Peninsula Malaysia.

What is the difference between SBH-MM2H with other MM2H programme?

SBH-MM2H focuses on attracting foreigners who appreciate the uniqueness of Borneo that is rich with culture and stunning natural environment. It has its own set of requirements tailored by the state government to benefit both participants and Sabah’s economy.

Who can apply for SBH-MM2H?

Any foreigners aged 30 years old and above who has good conduct from their home countries are eligible to apply. There are several requirements and conditions have to be fulfilled by the applicants (such as financial prerequisites like a minimum monthly income, deposit amount in a bank in Sabah, and the requirement of purchasing a property in Sabah).

How to apply SBH-MM2H?

All SBH-MM2H applications MUST be applied and submitted online or by hand through a state representative appointed by Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment in Sabah only.

What is the application process for SBH-MM2H?

All submissions will go through the Immigration security check before it can be proceed for Committee's Recommendation. Once recommendation has been submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department, applicant will be given a Conditional Pass and applicant is given 6 months to fulfill the said conditions such as deposit funds in a bank in Sabah, etc. SBH-MM2H Visa will only be granted once all conditions are fulfilled.

Does applicant need a Security Bond?

Yes, and applicant is required to pay a Security Bond to the Immigration Department.

What is the SBH-MM2H Visa fee?

RM500 per year fir each applicant and each dependent(s). Multiple-Entry Visa (MEV) and Journey Performed fees (JP) applicable depending on nationality of each individual.

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