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A Safe Place To Live

Updated: Jun 16

Looking for Somewhere Safe to Live – where you can just lead a normal life? Then, Penang should fit the bill quite nicely.

“We are a safe nation” – this was the response from Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir to a travel advisory issued by the US regarding Malaysia. This is quite true, Malaysians and especially those in Penang are a lucky lot compared to citizens in many countries. We have the freedom and peace of mind to go about our daily business without having to worry about being a victim of violent crimes such as the mass shootings in Western developed nations that you occasionally hear about in the news.
If you look at the crime statistics released by the police, a big percentage of crimes in Malaysia are actually commercial crimes, whilst the serious, violent and drug-related offences make up a smaller percentage. Truly violent crimes in Malaysia are rare as the gun laws in Malaysia are very strict, so it is not easy for anyone to just walk into a store and buy a gun. A license is required for anything remotely related to firearms and you must obtain approval from the state Chief of Police – which is virtually and practically impossible to get. Most weapons used in crimes here are usually illegal and smuggled in from neighbouring countries.
So, unless you are a drug lord or have dealings in criminal activities, chances are very slim that you will be shot at or blown up while you are going about your daily chores. Many Penang locals feel safe enough to leave their valuable belongings in the open while eating at a roadside eatery as can be seen from the photos here. Of course, there are cases of snatch thefts and petty thieves, so we would not advocate you being too careless with your belongings, but it just shows how relaxed the lifestyle can be for people living in Penang.
Penang, and Malaysia in general, is safe, peaceful, and stress-free. The local people are friendly and peace-loving, many will go out of their way to help those in need, they will avoid confrontation as much as possible. Neighbours will cook for you and invite you to their homes, children can go to school in a safe environment, mass shootings are almost unheard of.

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